10 Ideas Anybody Could Use to Promote His Product or Service on Facebook

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  1. Be sure you have an official Facebook page.
  2. Post daily entertainment and educational content for your target audience.
  3. Make sure you post videos and images because they have more engagement.
  4. Try ever new feature Facebook rolls out because they will always have more reach – like Facebook live.
  5. Always answer all the messages you get.
  6. Be sure that you have all the details of the About page and link to your site.
  7. Try and test some promoted posts and see what are people reacting to.
  8. If possible create a group for your product or service and let the community run it.
  9. Use Facebook Ads to get traffic to your main product pages to convert the Facebook audience in leads/users/customers.
  10. Outreach and start collaborating with other pages in your niche to mix the audiences. Even try for people outside your industry to collaborate.

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