10 Ideas About How You Can Help A Good Cause

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  1. Make sure the "good cause" you want to help is legit and not a scam.
  2. A good cause deserves publicity so be sure to make it public that you support it.
  3. Donate money to the cause.
  4. Persuade 2-3 friends to donate to the same cause and if they refuse, to another cause they respect.
  5. Donate your time to the cause: volunteer for different activities.
  6. Share on social media the good cause and make sure you add something personal to the post.
  7. Talk to your boss about the cause and ask him if there is any way for him to help.
  8. Buy/create a T-shirt with the cause and wear it in public.
  9. Add the cause to your email signature.
  10. Talk with friends that have businesses and ask them if there is an way to support a cause.

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