10 Advices On How To Get Rich (To A Young Person)

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  1. Start working at a young age. When you work you make money, and you will be richer than others.
  2. Don't put your eggs in one basket. If you work, don't forget to invest or start something on your own.
  3. Take risks. You will have all the time to recover from any fail you might have. Later in life you will not afford to take risks.
  4. Looking up to somebody/having a mentor will make your progress even faster. Don't be afraid to follow others.
  5. You definitely don't know everything. But don't listen to everybody, there are professionals in their area that can save you time. Even if you have to pay go for it.
  6. Time is the most important currency you have and this alone can make or break your dream to get rich. Don't let other tell you what to do with your own time.
  7. Establish what does rich mean to you. Is it Bill Gates level or Elon Musk level. Being rich is a state of mind. Money won't make you richer if you have a bad view on the world around you.
  8. Getting rich is both easy and hard. It is hard when you don't have principles, it is easy when you can offer value to people around you.
  9. Never forget the importance of luck and good timing in getting rich. But know that the more you work the more luck you will have.
  10. You know you are rich when you can buy an expensive item (sports car, airplane, helicopter) and the next day you won't get a call from the bank.

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