10 Reasons For Not Owning A Car

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  1. A car is an expense and if it doesn't help you make more money, you are loosing at life.
  2. You are basically increasing the probability of having an accident.
  3. You are killing a penguin each time you drive a internal combustion engine car because you pollute the environment.
  4. Driving in a big city is more expensive than taking the public transportation.
  5. Having a parking space can be really expensive or hard to find.
  6. Even if you have a cheap parking space it is possible that other will park on your spot. This drives me crazy.
  7. While you are driving you have to pay attention to the road. You cannot talk on the phone, text or read. You are loosing time.
  8. You will get to be the occasional taxi driver for friends or relatives.
  9. Is one of the fastest depreciated items you can own. A new car is worth 25% less after you drive it out of the dealer shop. 
  10. The price you pay for the comfort of owning a car is also time, fear of something happening to the car and a lot.

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