Data Analytics in a nutshell

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I find myself listening again to Jim Sterne’s presentation at Re:Think:Analytics event on Becoming Indispensable with Analytics.

And it speaks to what I believe.

Data analysts’ job is to solve a problem. Adding context to the numbers is something that we should all do, no matter the request.

Nobody understands data better than you, the analyst.

That being said, I feel that we can fall into a trap easily, where we start to believe that data can provide the absolute truth.

This is false.

Data analytics, especially marketing analytics, is not accounting. The numbers, some of the times, are a bit fuzzy.

So, be sure to explain the limitations of data when presenting numbers to your stakeholders.

E.g., 1.000 visitors/month could mean that you could only track 1.000 visitors, not necessarily that these are all that landed on your pages.

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