10 Things To Do When You Want To Meet New People

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  1. Go on Facebook, find profiles that you have no mutual friends and just say: “Hi, do you mind strangers?”
  2. Visit meetup.com and find a local meetup relevant for your interests.
  3. Go to a nursing home and talk with old people.
  4. Go play with others in the park: checkers, chess etc.
  5. Install Tinder and swaip right ever picture in a 5 km radius.
  6. Join a Facebook group for swingers.
  7. Go to a exapt meeting/party.
  8. Get a couchsurfing.com account and host people on your couch. Great way to find different people.
  9. Ask a friend to introduce you to someone you don’t know.
  10. Meet the neighbor company at your workplace.

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