10 Ideas to Make Money While Working a Full Time Job

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  1. Ask for a raise and see what happens.
  2. Go to interviews and see what is the standard pay for the type of work you do. Maybe you are worth more that you think.
  3. Start as a Uber (or other shared service) driver in weekends. Focus on places where people party and hang around weekends.
  4. Buy stuff on AliExpress/Alibaba and sell them on listings websites.
  5. Depending on what your work is, try to see if there are gigs on freelancer websites (freelancer.com) or post some of your skills (fiverr.com).
  6. Go to fair markets and look for bargain deals. Some people sell good products on low prices. Buy them and re-sell them on listing websites.
  7. Start a website as a side business and grow it.
  8. Buy a small business that doesn't require that much of your time and make it work on autopilot. For example a automated car wash machine.
  9. If you like cars you can buy and sell them. Flipping cars is a great way to make extra money but only if you know what you are doing.
  10. Start creating content: audio, video, written. Content is evergreen and it stands the test of time. If your content is great, business will always want a "parking space" for which the have to pay.

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