10 Ideas About How You Can Approach Strangers In Public

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  1. Just go and say: “Hi, my name is ***. Do you like to smile?”
  2. Show them a sign that says: “I wanted to say hello to you and I made this sign”
  3. Run up to them and tell them somebody is following you and continue running.
  4. Ask them what time it is 
  5. Ask them where the best restaurant in the city is.
  6. Ask them if they enjoy some company, if yes ask them about their day.
  7. Looked surprise and ask them if they know where YOU parked your car.
  8. Start a conversion right in the middle: “what do you I felt like when she left?”
  9. Asked them if they read the news about the meteorite that is going to hit Earth.
  10. “You look like a person that enjoys helping other people: Would you mind helping me move to a new apartment?”

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