10 Excuses To Convince Your Boss ‘ Teacher ‘ Wife That You Need A Day Off

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  1. I need a day off and I had to come up with this excuse.
  2. I am going out of town and cannot be around tomorrow.
  3. Something came up and it needs to be done today. I will not be available.
  4. I had a flat tire on the way and it will take some time to fix it. And send a picture on the internet with a flight tire.
  5. I cannot be further than 6 metres from a toilet. Will not be able to do anything today.
  6. After all this time, I think I can take a day off. Need to blow some steam and relax.
  7. Someone in the family died. I was not that closed to them but my mother is so affected. I will need to be close to her the next day.
  8. I need a day to do my taxes and all. You know how the public administration works.
  9. I need to take the car to a shop to fix it and I have to be there all day.
  10. I won something and I need a day to pick up the prize.

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