10 Arguments Why Working From At Home Is Much Better Than Working In An Office

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  1. You don’t need to commute everyday. This doesn’t mean you will make an economy.
  2. No more workmates that you just cannot stand.
  3. Less of your boss walking around the office to check if “people are doing work”.
  4. Eating can never be this comfortable. Your own fridge at work workplace.
  5. “Water cooler” talk no more and nobody will judge you for being antisocial.
  6. You get to work in different places. Work from home doesn’t mean your home every day.
  7. Talking a walk around the block has never been easier.
  8. Checking some small house hold task is a great way to take breaks.
  9. You get to hangout more with your dog.
  10. Waiting for the plumber or the online order doesn’t need a specific hour.

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